Import an issue

Importing an issue from Github

You can also import an existing issue from Github into DevFlight. Click on the dropdown on the right-hand side of the navigation bar. Select "My Projects" from the dropdown menu. Click on your project. Select "Import Issue" on the right-hand side of the project. You'll see the last 100 open issues that have been submitted on your Github repository. Select the "Import Issue" button on the issue you want to import. When you navigate back to issues, your new issue will be there.

When you import an issue into DevFlight, a comment is added to the issue thread on Github that you've imported the issue. The default message (below) will be used if you do not type a custom message.

Default Message Thanks for submitting this issue! I've imported it into DevFlight, which makes it easy to get your open-source issues resolved faster. If you're interested in receiving a proposal to have [your issue](#{user_issue_url}) prioritized, you can claim it by selecting 'Claim Issue' and I'll be in touch!

Custom Message If you choose to type your own custom message, a link to the DevFlight issue will be included at the bottom automatically. The link text reads: View [this issue](#{user_issue_url}) in DevFlight.

Searching Github issues

If you can't find the issue you're looking for, use the search bar on the left-hand side of the "Import Issues" page. Find the Github issue number and enter it into the search bar.